Steps to follow for editing/updating your page

    1. Visit https://
    2. On top right – Click on the Login button
    3. Enter the provided credentials and click on the login button

    1. Now you will be redirected to your dashboard

    1. Click on the 3rd menu Portfolio items

    1. On the right your page for editing will appear

    1. Click on the edit to start editing the page

    1. Click on the third icon “Edit Element”and “Special Heading” a window will pop-up

  1. You can edit the Title (if required) and change it, then click on the save button
    1. Click on the Tab 1: Overview – Click Easy Slider to change image (Image size: 710px X 375px) and click save button at the bottom right

    1. Click on the description section to edit the content and click save button

    1. Click on the Tab 2: Pricing – To edit the contact form if you want to more fields and then click save button

  1. You can preview the changes by clicking on top right
  2. If your edited changes are fine then you can click on the